By Cameron Buford,

In a typical year, U.S. sport’s fans consider August to be the “dawg days of the summer”; the NBA would’ve recently crowned their champion, Major League Baseball would be just past their Mid-Season Classic All-Star game, and NFL fans would be at the height of their anticipation with the season a short month away. Showtime and PBC announcement of a live Boxing card in August from Connecticut enhances to the sports fans viewing options. Since this year is not like any other due to the impact of COVID19, August set’s up to be the busiest sports month on the calendar.

In March of this year, The National Basketball Association was forced to shut down their season due to COVID-19. In an unprecedented fashion, the league has taken major steps to gather 22 of 32 teams in a bubble in Orlando, Fl., to simultaneously focus on health and safety while crowing their champion at the season’s end. Having just restarted their season in late July, they will narrow the league down to 16 team playoffs, which will begin mid-way through August.

In a similar fashion, Major League Baseball will be no more than 10 games into their COVID19 shortened season. Typically, MLB would play 162 games, but because of the pandemic, they will only play 60 games, with some adjusted rules aimed at piquing the interest of modest fans. The Designated Hitter (DH) will be implemented for the American and National Leagues, Pitchers will be required to complete the innings when they come in for relief and should the game go into extra innings, they will start each inning with a man on second base.

Unlike the other sports, the National Football League will not be having pre-season games for the first time in it’s existence. Providing the league can avoid shutting down because of COVID-19, the nation’s anticipation for football in this country will only be heightened. All across the nation, fans will soon be conducting their Fantasy Football Drafts in preparation for the NFL season to begin. There are always multiple storylines to follow throughout this NFL season; rookies entering the league are among the top storylines football fans will follow throughout the season, along with the free agents that have changed teams in the offseason. Not to mention how the defending Super Champions will fair while defending their title.

With teams in each of the major sports competing for their respective Championships, August will be a dream month of competition for sports fans. As much of the country is following the stay home orders by multiple municipalities, which sports season are you most excited to enjoy? Kindly, share your thoughts on which team has the best chance to be named Champions in their respective seasons, reaching out to me on Twitter @whatsgoodnsport or forward your thoughts to

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