By Earl Heath, Contributing Sport Writer

The Los Angeles Rams are starting the 2020 season with many things different. With COVID-19 looming there are many things that will be done differently this season.  

The practice facility is at Cal Lutheran in Thousands Oaks. It has been overhauled with some structure and locker room changes including new lockers, and new name plates on the lockers that have the LA Skyline background. The Rams will be there for the entire training camp instead of using UC Irving like last year. The Rams will be able to keep players they cut. That’s a new change since there will be no exhibition games to critic newcomers.   

Players helmets are encased in glass above the lockers and there’s a new paint job throughout the interior. There will be no pre-season games or co-practices with other teams. Players must past their coronavirus test to be allowed into the building.  

The camps will be limited to 80 players this year down 10 from the 90 in previous years. The Rams have 89 players on the roster so some will have to be cut before camp starts on August 14th. 

The Rams will have at least two scrimmages at So-Fi Stadium to break it in and get use to it.