By Cameron Buford,

As the Chargers’ season progresses, we will continue to update you on the development of the Los Angeles Chargers as a team. As Covid-19 has impacted so many facets of our life, the Chargers’ training camp is no different. Every facet of life, Chargers’ training camp is no different. Access to the players and coaches is somewhat limited in comparison to years past, though the PR staff is doing what they can to accommodate us, the media, as best they can, while adhering to the NFL COVID-19 protocols. 

Instead of being able to request to talk to certain players, the Chargers’ Public Relations (PR) staff is making the coach of their choice available to us before practice, and a couple of players available after practice, both via a Zoom call. It’s unclear if this will be the interviewing process once the season begins, though I would suspect it would be something very similar unfortunately for us, as it hinders our ability to zero in on specific storylines. The current process forces the media to craft our stories from the players presented to us.”

Here are the storylines I find the most interesting about this team as they prepare to go on the road to face the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 1;

1. The development of their linebacking corp., can veteran Denzel Perriman stay healthy for the season, or can the rookie Kenneth Murray earn a starting spot?

2. The development of their newly put together offensive line and can these guys come together and be a productive unit all season long?

3. Lastly, I’ll be paying close attention to the development of their running back group. Specifically, their competition for the #2 running back slot and if they’re rookie Joshua Kelley can serve as their short-yardage running back.

Until I can provide answers to those questions I will summarize the brief access we have the multiple players that are brought to the podium for us to talk and gain insight from. In question and answer format I have listed the coaches and player’s responses to my questions throughout the week.

Interview with Head Coach Anthony Lynn

Buford: With it being Kobe Bryant’s 42nd birthday today, what are your lasting memories of his visit with your team, when he came out to talk to you guys a couple of years ago?

Lynn: He’s just the ultimate competitor! I loved it when he came and spoke to the team cause the guys were so inspired by him the words he had to say. It was basically, being a professional and always competing!

Buford: What have seen from #27 that you like, and do you envision him as your short-yardage back?

Lynn: His head is swimming a lil bit, but he’s working hard! By the end of camp, everyone will have their role on the team.

Would you talk about how you guys are integrating 11th-year veteran Bryan Bulaga and 7th-year veteran Trai Turner onto the team?

Buford: In regards to #10 (Justin Herbert) is he progressing as you expected?

Lynn: He works hard a study’s hard; He’s progressing just fine!

“We’ve done a lot of research on these guys before we brought them in; there experienced veterans; I’ve liked what we’ve seen.”

What’s that conversation like and do you feel a responsibility to encourage your players to vote?

“We talk about action and doing something, I think that’s certainly something we can do that’s really underrated. We need to get out and vote! We can protest and do all things necessary to bring awareness to the different issues. Until you get out and vote, you really can’t complain! Yeah, we’ve had some voter education meetings; I think because these elections always happen during our season, sometimes it’s viewed as a distraction. Guy’s focus are elsewhere, as it should be, but based on what’s going on in our country right now… we really stress if you want to do something, educate yourself on how to register and vote; make a difference.”

Interview with Mike Williams, 4th-Year Wide Receiver

Buford: How do you feel health-wise coming into camp?

Williams: I feel good, no nagging injuries!

Buford: Outside team goals, have you set any goals for this season?

“Be better than last year”

What’s your message to young receivers on the team?

“Compete and have fun! Good things will happen from that”

Interview with Joey Bosa, 5th-Year Defensive End

Buford: What stood out to you after the first couple of days of camp?

Bosa: Linval, he’s a big human and the strongest dude I’ve seen!

Buford: Talk about what you’ve seen from #56 and what he brings to the team?

Bosa: “He’s fast and he fly’s around and makes plays.”

Interview with Casey Hayward, 9th Year Defensive Back

Buford: Would you talk about what your offseason was like?

Casey: I trained in ATL, with my same trainer. So, his body feels fresher this season.

Buford: What stood out to you these first few days in camp?

Casey: Thudding up is great, cause that’s what we do.

Interview with Tyrod Taylor, 10th Year Quarterback

Buford: How do you feel about the development of the O line?

Taylor: I feel comfortable with them, against this defense.

Offensive Coordinator Shane Steichen

Buford: What stood out to you so far?

Steichen: A lot of excitement, the energy was awesome!

Buford: Working with Pep, does he advise you on what the QB does best, or do you advise him on what to prepare the QB on?

Steichen: We work in tandem on that and do what’s best for the position.

Interview with Defensive Coordinator, Gus Bradley

Buford: Would you talk about the development of 3rd-year safety Derwin James?

Bradley: He’s an exciting player for us, I think you’ve seen over the course of time, that we try to utilize his skillset. He does different things for us. We are in the beginning stages of seeing how he fits in with everybody else. He’s got the same energy, the same spirit he; loves the game.

Each week you can expect to receive additional installments of Chargers Weekly, so be on the lookout for the next chapter of this periodical, so be on the lookout for the next chapter of this periodical. Also, feel free to make your suggestions on what you would like to see discussed in future weeks. Send all suggestions to or tweet us at @whatsgoodnsport. I look forward to hearing from each of you Los Angeles Chargers fans in the coming weeks.