By Cameron Buford,

To close out their second full week of Training Camp, Chargers Head Coach Anthony Lynn though it would be a good idea to get the team familiar with their new digs, at SoFi stadium in Inglewood. Having been there previously he felt it would a good thing if the players and staff figured a route to the stadium, found the stadium parking lot, and see their new locker room… before them taking the field for the first time for a live game week 2 for the season.

In wake of the Milwaukee Bucks leading a boycott of their NBA playoff game in the Orlando bubble, in response to the shooting of another unarmed Black man by the Kenosha, Wisconsin police department. Multiple professional sports teams decided to protest/ boycott game of their own in tribute to Jacob Blake and the suffering he and his family has been through. After a long, heartfelt team meeting, the Chargers decided to forego their scheduled inner squad scrimmage.

Once they decided not to practice on August 27th Coach Lynn spoke to us local media, Lynn: We got accomplished, what I wanted to accomplish! Guys came parked in their parking spots. Got to see the locker room, go out and walk the field. But we decided to have a team meeting in the locker room, and after that team meeting, I felt this was the time to practice

Buford: What about the action items they plan on implementing here in the immediate future? Lynn: We’ve been working on these plans for a long time, we’ve been working with foundations now, to do certain things in the community; Just to help level the playing for certain people in the black and brown community. But today, we just need to talk and get some things off al chest, before we can move forward. We do have plans of action that our own will help us with

In much more pressing news, on this past Tuesday, the Chargers have lost their All-Pro Safety Derwin James for an indefinite amount of time. As James’ got up slowly after making a tackle during practice then he walked gingerly to the medical tent for further evaluation. The Chargers did put out a statement Monday on Twitter confirming that it was a right knee injury that James’ suffered.

After Coach Lynn made a statement about James’ injury, he shied away from discussing that topic, though a couple of reporters pressed the issue on the injuries the team has faced over the past couple days and here’s how those interactions went;

Reporter: I also wanted to ask about Justin Jackson, Trai Turner, Darius Jennings; they all got looked at by the medical team during the scrimmage…?

Lynn: That’s training camp. A lot of people get looked at, hell I got looked at a couple of days ago by the medical people. They are no more bumps and bruises than anyone else.

Reporter: A week ago you mentioned that you guys weren’t inquiring about Earl Thomas, has that changed, he’s obviously a guy who knows your defensive system pretty well.

Lynn: We got a lot of guys here in this camp that know our system really well. Since you guys are consistently telling me how stacked we are in the secondary; why the hell would we look anywhere else?

Buford: You talked about helping the players get registered to vote last week are you aware of the percentage of players registered to vote on the team currently?

Lynn: I am not aware of the percentage of players who are registered to vote, but I’m pretty sure when that time comes just about all of them will be. That’s been something they pushed, that’s been something they want. Some of the players have come to me and said should we open up the stadium, so the public could come and vote. These guys are getting creative with ideas of how they want to get involved a make a difference.

Buford: Looking at the scrimmage from yesterday (Sunday, August 30th), would you talk to us about Joshua Kelley and where he is?” You mentioned a couple of weeks ago that ‘his head was swimming.’ Does he look any better, he looked good to me, what about for you?

Lynn: Some guys, when the lights go on, they show up and Josh is one of those guys. I didn’t like how he mishandled the quarterback exchange down in the red zone and put the ball on the ground. Other than that, I thought Josh had a solid practice yesterday.

When challenged by the media this past week Coach showed a comedic side that I hadn’t seen previously. As serious as the Derwin James injury appears to be, I hope for his team’s sake that he’s able to keep the guys loose and playing at a high level. If not, their season could be over even before it actually begins; simply put that’s just what James means to the squad.

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