BAKERSFIELD — The Kern County Democratic Central Committee — the county’s local voice for the Democratic party — is joining forces with African-American community leaders and so-cial media influencers to encourage Kern County residents to register to vote and update their voter registration as we celebrate “National Voter Registration Day” on Tuesday, Sept. 22nd.

“Every vote matters and we can’t afford to sit out of what is certain to be the most important election of our lifetime. It is imperative that we do all that we can to boost local voter registra-tion, especially within our communities of color, who for far too long have been forgotten.” said Christian Romo, Chair of the Kern County Democratic Central Committee (KCDCC).

Last month, in an attempt to proactively engage with the local African American community, the KCDCC Executive Board appointed Denise L. Norris as the coordinator for the African-Ameri-can Outreach Committee on behalf of the KCDCC.

“The goal of this committee is to excite, educate, enlighten and motivate the African-American community on the importance to first register, and then vote on November 3,” said Norris, Afri-can-American Outreach coordinator.

“We are excited to partner with notable and distinguished community leaders, such as Arleana Waller, the African American Outreach Co Coordinator, to help inspire others to get involved

registered and vote. The African-American community is diversified and our participating im-pressive array of leaders in the community reflect this,” Norris added.

On National Voter Registration Day, we want to reiterate the importance of registering to vote, but inform all to update their voter registration, if you have recently moved or changed party affil-iations- the deadline to register to vote for the Nov 3 election is October 19, 2020.. To register to vote, please visit or find a link on our website at or You may also call the Kern County Elections office at (661) 868-3590 to request a registration form by mail.


Christian Romo

Chair, Kern County Democratic Central Committee

(661) 333-8704

Or Denise l. Norris

African-American Community Election Coordinator