By Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas

LA County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas. (Photo courtesy of Ridley-Thomas.)

In the midst of this difficult year, we have a once in a decade opportunity to secure federal funding for urgently needed healthcare, nutrition programs, social services and transportation infrastructure improvements by filling out the 2020 Census.

As a community we need to take this opportunity to stand up and be counted because to be undercounted is to be under-represented, and to be under-represented is to be under-funded — therefore, we cannot lose sight of the 2020 Census and must all take the time to fill out the 2020 Census today.

Historically, the African American and Latin American communities have been undercounted, and recent attempts to shorten the deadline certainly feel like moves by the Trump Administration to see that trend continue. Abruptly cutting the census short disrupts the community’s efforts to count every household and puts increased pressure on census workers to work to ensure that the residents in hard-to-count areas, which are largely minority communities, aren’t left out.

In response to the sudden announcement to shorten the deadline, I introduced an urgency motion for immediate action to elevate the concerns of L.A. County. We are letting it be known that we do not agree with the Trump Administration’s actions and are prepared to fight for a fair and accurate census count.

There is much riding on the 2020 Census, so I’m asking you to tell your friends, tell your family, and tell your neighbors to mail in the 2020 Census form, go online to, or call (844) 330-2020 to fill out a 2020 Census form.