By Cameron Buford,

As this pandemic impacts the globe, we knew it would inevitably impact the world of sports also. Just as with Major League Baseball (MLB) and the NBA, the NFL has found itself altering their schedule based on the positive corona virus test. Though the Chargers have to yet to have a positive test from it’s players and coaching staff, they have had their schedule adjusted as a result of other teams being infected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

In an attempt to complete their full season, the NFL has implemented some schedule changes throughout the league. These schedule changes may become a blessing in disguise as the Chargers have had their bye week adjusted from week 10 to week 6. On a positive note, this schedule change should allow time for many of the players lick their wounds, recover from their injuries and the team develop some much needed chemistry.

Unfortunately, they have endured multiple injuries at critical positions on the field, which have undoubtedly impacted their ability to close out games in winning fashion. Some of their notable injuries are Quarterback Tyrod Taylor, Center Mike Pouncey, Offensive Guard Trai Turner, Offensive Tackle Bryan Bulaga, Running Back Austin Ekeler, Running Back Justin Jackson, Wide Receiver Mike Williams, Defensive End Melvin Ingram, Defensive Tackle Justin Jones, Cornerback Mike Harris Jr., and All Pro Safety Derwin James.

Head Coach Anthony Lynn appeared to agree with his line of thought when he mentioned, “we weren’t expecting a bye week, until last week but it probably couldn’t come at a better time. Because we may get a few players back and we need to get a little healthier.” Not only will the team use their buy week to get better, I wanted to know if Coach Lynn was comfortable with the defensive scheme employed to close out games, he responded by telling me, “We’ve won a few game with this same scheme, we just have to execute better. I’m not saying there’s not room for change, there’s always room for change. We can improve and get better!”

In his media availability press conference going into the bye week, I was interested in knowing from 2016 AP Defensive Rookie of the Year Joey Bosa how he saw the challenges on the defensive side of the ball, “It’s not about will; it goes beyond that right now… we need to execute, and we need to execute better. I think that goes beyond energy, I think it goes more to preparation and game plan and all of this.”

Additionally, I wanted to know how, or if, he would use this week to get away from football at all and let us know about his current house and other visitors that he’ll be having, “I think it’s always important to work in recovering and time to rest and let your min get away. This is a long season and you’re at it every single day, when you have a bye I think that’s important.”

Though this was an unplanned bye week the Chargers, as you’ve heard this gives some of these guys an extra week to rest up and heal up for the remainder of the season. I’m now wondering if the lack of execution on the defense side of the ball is a schematic issue or a simple lack of keys players’ availability. Kindly share your thoughts on how you see the recurring theme giving up big leads in the second half of the season, reaching out to me on Twitter @whatsgoodnsport or forward any suggestions on what topics or angles you’d like to see discussed to

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