Los Angeles – Today, Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA), Chairwoman of the House Financial Services Committee, issued the following statement after Chairman James P. McGovern of the House Committee on Rules announced that Congresswoman Waters had the sixth most amendments—thirty-three in total, each of which ultimately passed the House—made in order in the House this Congress.

“This Congress, our nation has faced immeasurable challenges and the need for legislators to take real action on behalf of the American people was clear. My first responsibility as Congresswoman for California’s 43rd Congressional District is to you – my constituents. Fulfilling that responsibility means following through on my commitment to analyze every piece of legislation before the House of Representatives, and to amend such legislation when I deem it necessary to ensure that our laws work for the people.

“Throughout the 116th Congress I have worked tirelessly to improve legislation by offering amendments that improve childcare and healthcare, provide for victims of crime, create jobs, foster economic opportunity for all, address the housing crisis, combat homelessness, ensure veterans receive the benefits and rights to which they’re entitled, fight corruption, invest in public education, help military families, protect consumer rights, and support key industries during the pandemic.

“As Chairman McGovern wrote in his letter, these thirty-three amendments demonstrate my commitment to working on behalf of the people in California’s 43rd. Though these amendments have accomplished much for the 43rd District, these unprecedented times demand that all Members of Congress work relentlessly toward better solutions for the American people. This pandemic, made all the more disastrous by the president’s consistent inaction, has strained families, children, students, the workforce, the economy, voters, our educational system, veterans, our healthcare system, our armed forces and military families, and nearly every other aspect of our society. Now is not the time to let up or slow down. I pledge to continue to use every means at my disposal to create laws and solutions that work for the people of the 43rd District, Los Angeles, the State of California, and the nation as a whole.”

In the 116th Congress, Congresswoman Waters offered 33 amendments that were made in order. Each of these amendments were accepted and passed by the House of Representatives. Seven of these amendments became law.

A sample of the thirty-three amendments are listed below:

  • Working on Homelessness Issues: This amendment transferred $5 million from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) administrative and support offices account to the Homeless Assistance Grants program for technical assistance to improve system responses to youth homelessness and improve data collection on youth homelessness. This amendment became law.
  • Advocating for Small Businesses: This amendment increased funding for the Small Business Administration’s Office of Entrepreneurial Development by $5 million in order to further support the training and counseling needs of small businesses through the national network of development centers and women’s business centers.
  • Supporting Military Families and Education: This amendment increased funding for assistance to schools with significant numbers of military dependent students by $10 million in order to further support local educational agencies that serve military communities and families. This amendment became law.
  • Ensuring Veteran Access to Healthcare: This amendment authorized an additional $2 million for the purpose of expenses in the administration of veterans’ medical, hospital, nursing home, domiciliary, construction, supply, and research activities.
  • Addressing Maternal Health: This amendment increased funds for the Alliance for Innovation on Maternal Health (AIM) by $5 million.
  • Protecting Senior Health: This amendment prohibited the use of funds to implement the Trump Administration’s July 2019 proposed rule, “Medicare and Medicaid Programs; Requirements for Long-Term Care Facilities: Regulatory 5 Provisions To Promote Efficiency, and Transparency,” which deregulated nursing homes and weakened infection prevention standards in nursing homes.
  • Combating Domestic and Sexual Violence: This amendment added $2 million to the legal assistance for victims fund, which increases the availability of legal assistance for victims of domestic violence, stalking, and sexual assault. This amendment became law.
  • Supporting Head Start Services for All: This amendment instructed the Administration for Children and Families to conduct an audit of the Head Start Program to ensure that the grant funding selection and evaluation processes do not result in a disparate impact on minority communities.
  • Working Toward an Alzheimer’s Cure: This amendment increased funds for the BOLD Infrastructure for Alzheimer’s Act by $5 million.
  • Housing: This amendment expanded the Home Energy Savings Retrofit Rebate Program to include multifamily housing.

To read the text of the letter from Chairman James P. McGovern, click here or see below:

October 12, 2020

Dear Rep. Waters,

The 116th Congress has faced unprecedented challenges that made the work of the legislative branch more consequential than ever. As we come to the end of this historic legislative session, I write to thank you for all the thoughtful amendments you submitted to the Rules Committee. These amendments demonstrate your passion for serving the people you represent! Your hard work has led to you having the sixth most amendments made in order in the House! I want to especially highlight your amendment to H.R. 7617, which increased funding for the Alliance for Innovation on Maternal Health (AIM) program which works tirelessly to eliminate maternal mortality across the United States.

I appreciate your continued effort to submit amendments that improve legislation and I look forward to working with you in the 117th Congress and beyond!


James P. McGovern


Committee on Rules