This is no ordinary election. Not because of the candidates or propositions, but because we are facing a global pandemic that continues to have a big impact on Black, Latino & AAPI communities. It’s important for every voter to take the necessary precautions to stay healthy and ensure that your vote is counted.

When you vote, remember that every vote counts! Create awareness with your family and friends and share resources that ensure that every person in your community knows their options.

The Los Angeles County Registrar has made it very easy to get all the information you need to create options and know exactly where you can go to vote, how to track your ballot, and even check your registration.

Elections Resources:

Why & how to vote early:

● Voting early will help you save time and avoid potentially long lines on election day

● Vote from the comfort of your home by mailing out your ballot. You can track your ballot at ● Drop off your ballot at an official drop box:

● If you require assistance, go to a voting center. Many locations are already open and hundreds more opened on October 24th.

Now that you know your options. Here is important information that you should keep in mind to ensure that your ballot is counted.

If you are opting to vote by mail, make sure that you:

● Place your voted ballot card(s) inside the Official Return Envelope

● Securely seal the Official Return Envelope

● Sign and date the back of the Official Return Envelope

● Make sure that your ballot is not damaged. To request a replacement ballot:

● Postmark your ballot no later than Election Day or received by November 20th.

There have been multiple reports of voter interference across Los Angeles County. If you see or experience voter interference, know what steps to take to protect our democracy.

● Report it at the LA County Registrar’s Voter Fraud Hotline at (800) 815-2666, option 5.

● Make sure that you know what an official drop box looks like – official ballot boxes have the official Los Angeles County seal, a number to call should you require assistance, and are clearly marked as “Official Ballot Drop Box.” To check for official drop boxes in your area visit