By Earl Heath, Contributing Sports Writer 

The NFL will create another part of history as it will put together an All Black officiating crew when the L.A. Rams travel to Tampa Bay on Monday night. 

The crew members include Jerome Boger (Referee), Julian Mapp (Down Judge), Barry Anderson (Umpire), Dale Shaw (Side Judge), Anthony Jefferies (Field Judge), and Greg Snead (Back Judge).  

Johnson and Snead will be newcomer as the others have worked together as a regular crew. The Crew has a combined 89 seasons experience in the league. 

With COVID-19 being a factor the league relaxed is assignments as they try to keep officials to close proximity to their homes whenever possible.  

Boger is the third ever Referee in league history following Johnny Greer and Mike Cary. He is 17-year veteran who worked Super Bowl XLVII San Francisco 49’ers vs Baltimore Ravens.  

Boger also was a four-year starting quarterback at Morehouse before becoming joining the NFL in 2004.   

“This historic Week 11 crew is a testament to the countless and immeasurable contributions of Black officials to the game,” said Troy Vincent NFL executive VP of football operations. “Their exemplary performance and to the power of inclusion that is the hallmark of this great game.”