Trevor Beck Founder of Local Human and Do Good Foundation talks to the volunteers at their initial Thanksgiving Dinner Giveaway prior to Thanksgiving 2020. (Photo Credit: Voice of the Fans)

By Cameron Buford,

With many families across America facing unemployment, food insecurities, and homelessness a few guys set out to assure local families facing these circumstances could enjoy their recent Thanksgiving holiday. Turner Trai Turner partners with fellow Los Angeles Chargers Isaac Rochell and Trevor Beck of Local Human by providing turkeys and Thanksgiving meals to local families to give back to their community. However, Turner was unable to attend the event due to COVID-19 concerns.

The funds donated by five-time NFL Pro Bowler Trai Turner to Local Human has helped to provide Thanksgiving turkeys as well as traditional fixings including, but not limited to, stuffing mix, potatoes, veggies to assist in a 450 total families’ hearty holiday. Through a well thought out drive-through pick-up process while following all local CDC health safety protocols, participating volunteers placed groceries into the trunk of each family’s vehicle who passed through Raymond A. Villa Fundamental Intermediate School last week.

Started more than six months ago with the mantra “Do good, feel good,” Trevor Beck exclaims, “Everything boils down to being a good person and doing the right thing… doing good makes you feel the best.” After a conversation with Chargers DE Isaac Rochell, they founded Local Human. They both spent the day distributing complete Thanksgiving dinner meals for families in need.

When I spoke to Volunteer Coordinator Lily Foster, says “she reached out to them after they did something awesome for her dad who is a teacher and one of their biggest initiatives is (helping) teachers.” For those wanting to volunteer, and donate their time and goodwill, they posted their volunteering needs on just fill out the volunteer form and they will reach out to you.

Additionally, I spoke the Bekah Stanton, a Grad Student at Notre Dame, about her reasoning for participating in this event and she mentions, “serving others is what really guides me and gives me my energy.” When asked what asked sparked that desire to give back, she replied, “Just seeing the impact of how much a simple gesture could have… giving someone meals for Thanksgiving, that has just a massive impact is something I want to be a part of!”

Lastly, I spoke to Chargers Defensive End Isaac Rochell, kind soul and partial Founder of this wonderful event. When asked what initiated this partnership Isaac told me, “Local Human started as a conviction to give back… We were like we need to give back to the people who are most impacted by COVID. So, we identified the elderly population and so we started Local Human, literally to give back to the elderly population.” He continued to say, “What that’s turned into is just a series of campaigns and different initiatives like this, and where we’ve donated over $50,000.”

The newly founded Local Human has its apparel line available strictly founded with the premise of giving back. One Hundred percent of proceeds generated by Local Human are invested back into the community through the Do Good Foundation. Additionally, every time one of their shirts is purchased, Local Human will in turn donate a shirt to a local California foster center. You are encouraged to visit for more information and their future community efforts and events.

Many of you have heard me express my thoughts on the bad rap many athletes get, it’s events like this that I enjoy covering and sharing with the public that completely dispels that myth. This is a tremendous, initiative that deserves all the support and adulation we can give. Kindly share your thoughts on Isaac’s, Trai’s, and Trevor’s initiative and feedback to @whatsgoodnsport on and efforts to make this world a better place. Twitter or you can forward any suggestions on what topics or angles you’d like to see things discussed to

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