By Cameron Buford,

As with society many of us know and have endured a challenging end to 2020. This wasn’t much different in the NFL and very similar to the Los Angeles Chargers. The season started with the Chargers starting quarterback having his lung punctured by a team doctor and their rookie quarterback being thrust into action and never relinquishing the role.

With another rash of injuries inflected their team, most notably to All-Pro Safety Derwin James in back to back seasons. The Chargers also faced multiple in-game coaching challenges, blown leads, and poorly handled the end of game clock management situations. Paired with the week 13 shutout loss to the underachieving New England Patriots, these aforementioned issues were plenty enough reasons for Chargers brass to warrant making a change at the head coaching position.

In his four years as Head Coach of the Chargers, Anthony Lynn had a 33-31 record, which amounts to a ranking of 13 during that time frame. His first two seasons were above .500 at 9-7 and 12-4 and his last two seasons came in under .500 at 5-11 and 7-9. Under his leadership, they made the playoffs once and amassed a single playoff win.

With this firing, the NFL now is currently down to 3 minority Head Coaches in the league. Regardless of their public focus, the amount of minority coaches in the NFL is on a downward trend and unfortunately, this slant is only getting worse. Sadly because many times these highly qualified coaches are overlooked for future opportunities!

Either way, the cupboard has not been left bare for the incoming coaching staff. They will have the likely rookie of the year award winner in Justin Herbert, who has set the following Rookie records this season Total TDs (36), Passing TDs (31), Completions (396), Multi-TD passing games (10), 300-yard passing games (8), Three-TD passing games (6)

Pro Bowlers Keenan Allen and Joey Bosa along with former All-Pro Safety Derwin James are enticing pieces the new coaching staff would have at their disposal. In addition to Rookie LB Kenneth Murray and game-breaking RB Austin Ekeler. Never

mind the fact that there is only 32 of these jobs on the globe, Head Coach of the Los Angeles Chargers is among one of the most attractive jobs league.

By all accounts Anthony Lynn will resurface as a coach in this league, not one player has had a bad thing to say about him, and most respected him for showing that he cared about them more than them being an athlete. That sort of thing doesn’t go overlooked and unappreciated. Just so happens that the on-field coaching mishaps couldn’t be overlooked.

It will be interesting to see which direction the Chargers will turn to find their new Head Coach. Will they seek an offensive mastermind to work with their phenomenal young quarterback; or will they bring in a defensive strategist that will update the scheme run by their talented group; or will they focus on bringing in a General Manager type of coach just to oversee the coordinators on either side of the ball.

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