By Earl Heath, Contributing Sports Writer

The Dodgers have all players in camp and are ready to roll for the 2021 season. Newcomer Trevor Bauer is the biggest star to join the team during the off-season. 

Thus far he has been welcomed warmly by his new teammates and has gone to work with the attitude of helping them repeat. 

He began by pitching two innings and throwing 28 pitches in helping rout the Rockies by a 10-0 score in a shorten six inning game. His fastball had speeds ranging from 89 to 94 and he had a curveball that looked like it was breaking at three feet-while striking out two.  

“It’s just a game,” said Bauer. “It felt good to be out there doing my job.” 

Kenly Jensen also struck out two while throwing a scoreless inning. 

It was second baseman Gavin Lux and Will smith each went 2 for 3 with an RBI. Lux will be looking at a being the starter if he stays healthy. Smith will be alternating with Austin Barnes in the catchers spot. 

Barnes works great with the pitchers as they are confident with is pitch-calling. He also does a super job framing. He did start four of the six World Series games including the finale with Julio Urias on the hill. 

But also has his ways, ”It’s just being confident in my opinion on what fingers I’m putting down,” said Smith in a video conference call.  “Its having a reason for what I’m calling and what I see, what I communicate to the picture.”   

They both can play infield positions. Look for the Dodgers to be favorites this season.