(March 1, 20201)-The Bakersfield Police Department is now the primary or lead agency for the investigation into the December 21, 2020 disappearance of Orrin and Orson West and the circumstances surrounding it. The California City Police Department and Federal Bureau of Investigation will continue to have active roles in the investigation.

The primary or lead agency is responsible for investigative strategies, obtaining information, resource allocation and fact compiling. Due to facts now known to investigators, and the circumstances surrounding the disappearance, the City of Bakersfield is a historical nexus to the children.

The Bakersfield is asking for anyone who had contact with Orrin and/or Orson West within the past year, regardless of the context, to contact us via Secret Witness at (661) 322-4040. Anyone with information regarding the whereabouts, circumstances or history of the little boys is encouraged to share that information with law enforcement by utilizing the Secret Witness tip-line at (661) 322-4040.

We understand the public outcry for information regarding the ongoing efforts to locate Orrin and Orson West. Significant resources have and will continue to be allocated to explore all tips, investigative leads and possibilities; however, specific information regarding law enforcement efforts, strategies and knowledge will not be released to protect the integrity of the investigation. Our goal is the return of the boys and the investigation will continue until that is accomplished.

All inquiries regarding this investigation should be directed to the Bakersfield Police Department.