By Earl Heath, Contributing Writer

It’s been a tough year dealing with COVID-19. We were having to stay at home more than we wanted to.  We had limited options on dinning out and many of us were unable to visit family and love ones as we wanted. 

Some of us have reached a bit more normalcy and that means we can start back to reach for some of our dreams. If you own a home or thinking about moving into on a new one you should tune into a FREE online Homebuyers Seminar. 

This possible life changing event is done by A1-Realty Saturday May 22, from 10am to 12:00 noon. Minorities are buying their own homes at a greater number than ten to fifteen years ago. So why not listen in and find out some of the many different ways to finance or refinance your home or even upgrade from your present one.  

A-1 Realty owner Adrian Bates has been in the realty business for more than thirty years. She has brokered and sold thousands of homes and rental properties for businesses and families. This seminar can help you.  

With her extreme knowledge she has been apart of sales in multiple California Counties including Kern County, Santa Barbara, San Bernardino, Los Angeles, Orange and Others.  Even if you’re a first-time buyer you can be assisted. 

You can REGISTER at http/  

Send an EMAIL to: adrianbatesrealitor