By Earl Heath, Contributing Writer

On Jun 3, 2020 most of America was shut down due to COVID-19. One week after the death of George Floyd there were protest all around the World. Minnesota, Texas, North Carolina, New Orleans, Seattle, and Phoenix. They were marches in Philadelphia, Chicago, and San Francisco. Several cities were coming up on a curfew. 

Globally Hyde Park in Central London was filled with protesters.  

Belfast City Hall saw about 100 protesters gathered. 

In Brighton England 1000 demonstrators marched through the City Centre and demanded justice for Floyd. 

While all this is happening in Hollywood, California hundred’s filled the steps in front of a Chase Bank on the corner of Hollywood and Vine. Directly across the street an 8-year-old hands ice cream to National Guard troops in front of a boarded up Walgreens Store. The gesture let us know Americans still cared for each other. The time was 5:48 PST thus the photo title.