WASHINGTON, DC – Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA), Chair of the House Committee on Financial Services, announced that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has awarded $21,906,132 in grants for residential noise mitigation for individuals and families who live near LAX. 

“I am proud to announce that the FAA has awarded more than $21.9 million in grants for residential noise mitigation for people who live near LAX and are affected by airport noise,” said Congresswoman Maxine Waters. “These grants will help individuals and families in more than 1,300 local households mitigate the impact of noise from planes flying into and out of LAX.”

The FAA awarded the following three grants totaling $21,906,132, which will benefit an estimated 1,326 residences in the vicinity of LAX:

• $9,906,133 for the Los Angeles County Development Authority (LACDA) for an estimated 680 residences in the unincorporated communities of Lennox, Athens, and Del Aire.

• $6,666,666 for the City of Los Angeles for an estimated 313 residences in the City of Los Angeles and the City of El Segundo.

• $5,333,333 for the City of Inglewood for an estimated 333 Inglewood residences.

“I am pleased to help make these grants available to my district, where I have received numerous complaints year in and year out about airport noise emanating from LAX,” said Congresswoman Maxine Waters. “I will continue to work to ensure that my constituents who live near LAX can enjoy peace and quiet in their homes.”

To learn more about residential noise mitigation, Inglewood residents can contact Bettye Griffith, the director of the City of Inglewood’s Residential Sound Insulation Program (RSIP), at (310) 412-5289. Residents of unincorporated communities in Los Angeles County near LAX can contact Bill Pro, (626) 586-1836, Bill.Pro@lacda.org, or Leonor Pacillas, (626) 586-1815, Leonor.Pacillas@lacda.org, with LACDA’s RSIP. Residents of the City of Los Angeles or the City of El Segundo can contact Mark Adams, with Los Angeles World Airports, (424) 646-5114, madams2@lawa.org.