(Los Angeles, California)-The team behind HR-1242’s emerging $10 Billion Initiative Campaign that you may have heard of as #Beyond400, is gaining some new credentials among its ranks. It’s most senior board member James Cannon (father of celebrity Nick Cannon) is being ordained as an Evangelist of the Gospel of Jesus Christ on Sunday August 1st, 6pm, at Loveland Church 917977 Merrill Ave in Fontana California. Prominent figures in the Black Church Community are expected to attend. 

Behind the scenes, James has been largely responsible for the ongoing survival and success of HR-1242. It was he that encouraged his son Nick to provide the seed funding HR-1242 needed to survive through pandemic restrictions, and the trajectory of the bill’s potential continues to expand to this day as a result. 

“Everyone who knows James knows that he’s already been a natural minister since forever so this formalization of his true vocation is definitely supported by all of us at #Beyond400” says Mark Gregory Dockery (Executive Director of Beyond400.org). “James is a natural motivator who is not afraid to tell the truth, and that’s one of the biggest requirements to be an evangelist that advances The Kingdom of God so… this is not a degree-mill type situation – James really has the authentic charge.” 

“James makes sure each meeting starts and stops with prayer and always brings topics back to God’s grace and provision. It’s hard to believe he’s not already a minister so this is good that he gets the official title now – this way he has to nominally wear what he naturally is” says #Beyond400 insider Marie Obieqwe. “It’s also very appropriate that someone as significant to #Beyond400 as James has been, is being ordained at this particular time in relation to our efforts for HR-1242. It just so happens that his ordination is happening around the same time we’re beginning our year long campaign to raise $10 Billion for HR-1242 Initiatives and monumentation through #Beyond400. So this is a very auspicious occasion for us.” 

The proceedings will be officiated by Senior Pastor Dr. Charles Singleton, who will be supported by Dr. Greg Tatum, Pastor of Change Community Church.