By Cameron Buford,

The Verzuz format, which is the brainchild of Swissbeats and Timbaland during the COVID 19 pandemic, that has two Hip-Hop, or R&B, artist perform their songs one after another on that same stage captured the hearts and minds of music fans across the country, and the world, once again. DJ’s Swissbeats or Timbaland couldn’t have imagined they would have music fans from the dawn of hip hop, to the early days of R&B, anticipating each of these shows. Although Jadakiss and the Lox took this celebration to another level when they destroyed Dipset, the most recent Verzuz concert pitted two of New York Cities hip-hop pioneers, KRS One and Big Daddy Kane against one another.

The Barclays Center, in Brooklyn, NY was the scene of this “quote in quote” battle. Yet this would have the intended celebratory feel that Verzuz was created for. Though each of these artists was part of competing groups back in the late eighties, their styles were uniquely different. KRS One is widely known as the dopest, grittiest, and most informative hip-hop artist while Big Daddy Kane’s smooth rap style has been mimicked by rappers speaking to would-be challengers and ladies of all ages. 

Flanked by their DJs from back the days, Big Daddy Kane and KRS One had DJ Scratch and Kid Capri spinning their hits for them throughout the night. Just being honest, these are two of my favorite hip-hop artists to have ever picked up a microphone. Though KRS One’s longevity outlasts Kane’s, I was more of a Kane fan back in the day. So, on paper and in person, this was an entertaining combination that many hip-hop heads would anticipate.

However, this was an unfair matchup for Big Daddy Kane as KRS One, aka. the teacher, has too much in his catalog for Kane to compete with. KRS One had an entire approach to each of his tapes/ albums. His presentation and concepts that he presented to hip-hop fans is unmatched. From Criminal Minded to My Philosophy to MC’s Act Like They Don’t Know, there are not many rappers from any era of hip-hop that could compete with either of these songs and his original B-Boyish delivery.

Missing in Kane’s presentation was the late Biz Markie, as he is credited for introducing him too hip-hop. He did bring out Nice and Smooth to perform Pimpin A’int Eazy and keep him alive in this battle. Kane would get back in the competition with his classic hits RawSmooth Operator, and likely his biggest hit A’int No ½ Steppin. These hits were examples of the lyrical talent and versatility, which propelled Big Daddy Kaneshow to the top of the hip-hop charts. Kane also brought out Master Ace and Craig G to help him perform his verse from Symphony, which was a Juice Crew collaboration.  

Kane and KRS brought out some of the original break dancers, as an homage to the B-Boy era and the culture at large, for the B-Boys and B-Girls in the crowd. Outside of them telling stories from back in the days this was a moment that they showed unity and love for each other. Although, on this night, KRS One taught those who did not know why he is undoubtably the best MC, Rapper, or Hip-Hop artist to take a stage, why this was the case.    

This celebration of music and the hip-hop culture is just at the beginning of its young life. With the multitude of artists out there, there are so many combinations for fans to see and enjoy. While some rappers are shying away from the battle stage others like Busta Rhymes is calling for anyone to step up to compete against him. Fans are calling for Missy Elliot to come to the stage to represent for the woman in hip-hop, but it would take a special artist to compete with either of them and we know Puffy is lying in wait for anyone to challenge him and his catalog… so there are so many options for this TrillerVerz to go in. What are your thoughts on this latest Verzuz, and which direction do you think they go in for their next show? let me know your thoughts by reaching out to me on Twitter @whatsgoodnsport or shoot me an email at

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