By Earl Heath, Contributing Sports Writer

Rams recognize Navy Veteran Bill Dillon who was and aircraft and Submarine handler during World War II.
Dillon joined the Navy after high school in 1942 and was assigned to the USS Sailfish in 1943 until the Sargo-class submarine was decommissioned in 1945. During his time on the submarine, he was tasked with the targeting of several military vessels and rescued 12 pilots and a crew that was shot down during the battle of Formosa in the Philippine Sea. After the war, Dillon continued his service until 1947 and received his degree in electrical engineering. He also was a member of the launch team that successfully placed the first U.S. satellite into orbit.   

He received a rousing ovation from the fans at So-Fi Stadium. He returned the applause and said, “We went to war for them (fans). They were the main reason we fought.” 

Flag football players from Perry Middle school in Los Angeles had a chance to play on the field at SoFi stadium. From left to right Dawann Scott, Kevin Martinez, and Dionii Scott. They are part of a program the Rams fund for middle schoolers. (Photo: Earl Heath)