The cast of “ILU America” (Land of America) grace the red carpet at their world premiere on Saturday, December 4th at the Culver City Film Festival in Los Angeles, California. Stars from the film who were in attendance included Producer Director Taiwo Oduala, Actress Doris SimeonActress Mistura AsunramuActor Femi Brainard, and Actress Rosemary Huff

ILU America (Land of America) directed and produced byTaiwo Oduala is an African full length feature foreign language film with suspense, intrigue, emotion, love, and action fully subtitled in English. An indigenous emotional classic reality story of an immigrants’ ordeal and survival. The film is a groundbreaking adventure full of humor where the film’s pessimist, Ade, is forced to discover the meaning of resilience. Despite the obstacles and hardships along the way, his mission is to obtain citizenship in a land he was not born in, so he may see his dream come true.

ILU America (Land of America) cast members include leading actors Taiwo Oduala as Ade who also directed and produced the film and Actress Doris Simeon as Stacy. The film actors also include Adebayo Salami as CEO, Bayo Bankoleas as Tolu, Ayo Mogaji as Ade’s Mom, Mistura Asunramu as Mary, Femi Brainard as Jydo, Shina Ayooyinlola as Ade’s Friend, and Israel Ogunleye Alayo as Drug Guy. 

Celebrity talent in attendance included Anthony Bless (Tyler Perry BET+ “Ruthless”; Paramount Pictures “Shooter”), Michael Adegoke (15 Time USA Show Dance Champion), Actress Montana Jacobowitz (Amazon Prime “2Real4U”), Actress Gloria Garauya (ABC “Grey’s Anatomy” & How To Get Away With Murder”), Actress Samantha Bailey (CBS Soap “The Young and the Restless”), Actor Jax Malcolm (CW Network “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”; FOX “The Other Side of the Door”), Abiola Azeezat (Headwrap Designer for Beyonce in The Lion King), Actress Nitu Chandra (Mandalay Pictures “Never Back Down: Revolt”), Actress Deana Moelle (Falcon Pictures “State of Consciousness”) and many others. 

Sponsors for the film premiere included Oduataj Productions & Entertainment Inc., Top Dreams Universal, Sweven Culture, Indie Vision Films, Culver City Film Festival, Strictly Industry PR, Hollywood and African Prestigious Awards, Madam Omolara Okunubi, Melody Bar & Grill, Cinemark, Advanced Protection Services, and JW Express. 





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