By Earl Heath, Contributing Writer 

One of the most rewarding floats is the one that celebrates the 100 years of the American Physical Therapy Association. 

All us if not had to go through it or knows a friend or have had family member who has had to take physical therapy. Its a car accident an amputation, post-surgery or just plain age that brings PT into people lives. 

2021 celebrates a century since the APTA was founded. It joined with the California Physical Therapy Association-CPTA and created a magical float for the 133rd edition of the ROSE Parade.   

“The real stars are the PT patients who will be greeting the t crowds while riding the float,” said Kelley Kobota Vice president of CPTA. “They have dealt with a lot.” 

Kobota is a ball of energy who is has a non-stop movement that’s out of this world. When she’s not working the float she’s non-stop encouraging patients and firing up volunteers. 

Some who rode the float include, Willie “Three” Young III who at the age of six was hit by a stray bullet and was paralyzed from the chest down. There’s Ray Cervantes who got a spinal cord injury as a teen because of gun violence.  

Yajaira “ YaYa” Duran has both hands and feet amputated. She walks with the help of a prosthetic limb. She flashes a million dollar and is awesome to spend time with. 

Marylin Washington is the Therapist who is for the world. She’s spent some fifty years and has no intentions of stopping. “I love seeing people reach their potential,” said the Cal State San Francisco graduate. “Some patients have certain goals and when they reach them it’s very satisfying.”   

Marylin Washington (L) has spent 50-year as a Physical Therapist is joined by Yajaira “ YaYa” Duran at the CPTA float. (Photo: Earl Heath)