By Earl Heath

Contributing Sports Writer

The Los Angeles Rams are trying to win a Super Bowl this week for the against the Cincinnati Bengals.Some years back aSuper Bowl and So-Fi were part of a “vision” Stan Kroenke had. We want them to come out on top But no matter the outcome he and the team has won.  It s been five seasons since moving the National Football League franchise to Los Angeles from St. Louis  

Since buying  the team he’s built the biggest most modern stadium in sports. He has worked with City of Inglewood Mayor James T. Butt  to help everyone be winners now and down the road. Sponsorships, ticket sales are near the roof and still growing. 

Known as the “City of Champions” it has prospered with new housing new streets money pouring into public schools. With concerts and games  at SoFi nearby business are booming with visitors. There has been several new housing built for Senior Citizen’s around the City. And the jobs have multiplied at an staggering rate  

He’s developing the surrounding area, the former Hollywood Park horse-racing track, into a mixed-use community of apartments, offices and stores that’s triple the size of  the biggest real estate project in the western U.S.  SoFi Stadium, also home to the NFL’s Chargers and was built without funds from the US, government funds. 

 The site has entitlements for 500,000 square feet (46,000 square meters) of additional office space and a 300-room hotel. The 6,000-seat YouTube Theater, which shares a roof with SoFi Stadium, opened in August, and the first of as many as 2,500 residences will be completed this summer. 

Kroenke’s real estate are all poised to benefit as the franchise’s winning record and a state-of-the-art venue feed off each other, according to sports-industry analysts. Sportscorp Ltd., a Chicago-based sport consultancy.  

The Dallas Cowboys, worth $6.92 billion, making it the most-valuable NFL franchise, haven’t won the big game since 1995.  

But as a new team in a market where fans have numerous entertainment options — there are the Dodgers, the Lakers, UCLA and USC basketball and football games, concerts, beaches — the Rams need to prove themselves to be a hot ticket.  

Stan Kroenke’s vision is here for all to see.