Rhyan Nile, Contributing Writer

When you think of women, the first thing to come to mind is… birth giver, mother, housewife, trophy, you get the idea. But women are so much more than that. Women are owning their businesses, creating art, CEOs, writers, educators, and building empires. We are creating a society where women can have it all and do it all if they so choose. March is proclaimed to be Women’s History Month, where we celebrate women and all they have contributed. To celebrate and discuss the women who broke barriers so that women now can have the freedom and open opportunity to be as THEY choose.

We all have women in our lives that we look up to, who inspire us. Women who have paved the way so that this generation of women can finally be fulfilled. This generation is FEMALE, empowering, supporting, and establishing connections so that we all can feel comfortable in our skin despite the stereotypes and prejudice trying to deteriorate the self-esteem of women. Although women are on the rise, we still face challenges. Patricia Lane, MSEd”., Ed.D candidate, speaks on the challenges that women face every day. “The biggest challenge that faces women today is for our voices to be reflected and heard in the mainstream narrative. We have to fight twice as hard to ensure that we are taken seriously. This must change ASAP” Lane professed. And although there are still challenges and struggles women are creating beauty in that. Instead of allowing hurtful comments and disrespect to stand in the way of what women want and need, they instead use those words like fire to fuel the power they’ve had all along.

Business/Brand owner, Miyono Sanders, wakes up an empowered woman in hopes to inspire other women to do the same. Being allowed to go into business and showing up for herself only inspires her to do more. Sanders speaks on the notion that women are still under appreciated for their contributions. “We need more women in leadership positions because women can be empathetic and connect/communicate in a way that is inspiring, motivating, and encouraging to others. Women are underrepresented in positions of leadership yet, they make up 51.1% of the U.S. population, according to Statista Research Department. We must

do better as a country to show equal representation so little girls growing up valuing their opinions and believing they can make an impact” voiced sanders.

Women are creating a safe place in society where WE GET TO CHOOSE. Women are no longer accepting what is “expected from us”. That we can be both mother and business owner. Both wife and career woman. And that celebrating doesn’t stop in March, celebrating women and what they stand for is a part of the daily routine. Ashley Vaughn, business student, mother, and wife speaks on how celebrating not only herself and what she is accomplishing but celebrating all women has become a daily motivation. “I celebrated Women’s Month by doing what I strive to do every day. Daily, I chose to put forth the efforts to make those around me better, my family, friends, and colleagues. I praised the women in my life who have guided me and molded me into the woman I am today. I hope to show other women that we can do hard things. Hard things are what build the characteristics and traits to help us succeed in motherhood, or our careers, and in life in general” Vaughn expresses.

The celebration of women should be daily. From the smallest victories to the biggest triumphs, what matters is progress, and women everywhere are achieving that, and that’s worth celebrating.