By Cameron Buford,

The Chargers mixed it up a bit by having practice on Sunday evening versus at the morning practice like they have the majority of training camp. This practice would be the most physical practice we’ve seen from them. Though Staley made it clear that they want to be a “line of scrimmage team,” it’s looking like, with their recent additions, they will finally be that team this season.

Last off-season, they added Pro Bowler Rashawn Slater to bolster their offensive line last season. This off-season, they drafted the “rugged, tough, and versatile offensive lineman” Zion Johnson to improve their offensive line.  

On the defensive side of the ball, the Chargers brought in Khalil Mack, a member of the 2010 all-decade team. Along with former Rams defensive tackle Sebastian Joseph-Day, and former Giant Anthony Johnson to add size and depth to their defensive line.

“We brought him here because he’s made up of all the right stuff. He’s an intense competitor. He loves the work,”Staley said about the Superbowl Champion Sebastian Joseph-Day. “I think that what is going to happen between the white lines is Sebastian Joseph-Day is going to be turned up to play football every time he’s out there. What that does is it elevates not only his teammates on defense but that other side. You need guys like Sebastian in order to be that.”

We saw the combustion of these competitive forces during their live scrimmage on Sunday evening in their live one-on-one drills. After one particular play during their goal line drill, rookie Zion Johnson refused to back down to Sebastian Joseph-Day. Once the whistle blew, the Johnson appeared to get the last shove on Joseph-Day. Which didn’t sit well with him and Joseph-Day responded by snatching the helmet off of the young Johnson.

“You have to be smart, obviously, but it’s a violent game. If we want to play for a championship, we’ve got to get rugged and kick some ass,” four-time Pro Bowler Edge Rusher Joey Bosa said about the attitude of Joseph-Day. “You can’t be afraid to get after each other sometimes. I think [G] Zion [Johnson] has that in him, for sure. From what I’ve seen, he’s a tough player. Especially in the front line there, going against each other, you’ve got to get down and dirty sometimes.”

“You have to set the rookies straight sometimes. I think he’s been playing great. He’s surprised me a bit. I haven’t seen any of his film or anything, but he’s a brick house,” Bosa said when asked about the scuffle that broke out between Joseph-Day and Johnson. “I think he’s been having a really good camp so far and we’ve needed that inside.”

It’s likely a good thing that things got physical in the Chargers training camp. This physical mindset is needed for them to become a more competitive team this season. One can’t argue, this sense of nastiness was missing last season and Joseph-Day might be the guy to pull that out of the rest of the defense.   

“[LB Drue] Tranquill, [LB Nick] Niemann, [LB Kenneth] Murray [Jr.], [OLB Kyle] Van Noy, those are of the soft-tissue nature. Drue is trending positively, Nick is new and will be day-to-day. Kyle Van Noy is day-to-day. Murray is trending positively,” Staley explained their injury situation to the assembled as the sky darkened as the sun set on the evening training camp.

“TE [Tre] McKitty is trending positive. TE [Donald] Parham Jr. is a new, soft-tissue hamstring. He should be out, for sure, this week. WR [Jason] Moore, trending positive. DB [Mark] Webb Jr., day-to-day, getting better. [OL] Andrew Trainer is going to be out,” Staley explained. Get your season tickets now if you haven’t already. This team will be competing for the division title again this season, and you want to be a part of this coming season. On paper, this team is expected to have the best season in Chargers Franchise history. They focused on winning the line of scrimmage this off-season by acquiring Khalil Mack, nose tackles Austin Johnson, and Sebastian Joseph-Day while adding Guard Zion Johnson to improve the offensive line. How do you see these off-season acquisitions factoring into their season’s success? Let us know your thoughts by reaching out to me on Twitter @voiceofthefans, or email me at