By Carrie Stanton

A trip to the DMV might not be at the top of your to-do list, but the California DMV is making transactions quicker, greener, and more convenient through the DMV website. The DMV now provides several online and paperless services to simplify your already busy life at Here are some ways you can save time and paper with DMV’s Online Services. 

Update your MyDMV information

The first step you should take is to make sure your information is updated on your MyDMV account online. Updating your mailing address and email address will ensure that important information from the DMV makes it to the correct address and that you stay informed about DMV services. 

Receive notices digitally

Going green and completing your DMV to-do list is easier now with renewal notice emails! Getting paperless notices reduces the amount of environmental waste and allows you to conveniently check your email from your computer, smartphone, or tablet to check your vehicle and driver’s license renewal notices. You can opt-in for paperless notices through settings in your MyDMV account. If you’re concerned about your security and privacy being compromised, rest assured that emails will not display your full driver’s license number.

Other Ways the DMV is saving paper

With more Californians renewing their registration online, the DMV will only send return envelopes to customers who are likely to use them – those whose most recent payments were made by mail. This action, coinciding with vehicle registrations with September expiration dates, will save more than 2 million envelopes a month.

Check online for available DMV services

The DMV offers most services online, which not only makes your life easier but also helps to save paper. You can renew your driver’s license or vehicle registration, update your address, or fill out applications for a driver’s license or REAL ID all online. Although DMV field offices will remain open, you can save much more time completing these tasks online. You can also use the new Service Advisor feature on the DMV website to learn about what options you have to complete your DMV business either online or in person. 

Complete or start your DMV business online

            Renewing your vehicle registration or driver’s license is a breeze online. You can even pay your renewal fees on the DMV website with a debit or credit card instead of mailing a check, cashier’s check, or money order. If you ever lose or misplace your driver’s license, you can easily order a replacement online and you can start an application for a new driver’s license or REAL ID to expedite your visit at a DMV field office. If you’d like to order a personalized or special interest plate, you can skip going to a field office altogether and order one online. 

Don’t procrastinate, and beat the rush

The REAL ID provides real benefits. Remember that by May 3, 2023, the Department of Homeland Security will require federally approved documents to board flights within the United States and access federal facilities or military bases. This includes the REAL ID and a valid U.S. passport. Avoid long wait times closer to the enforcement date at a DMV field office and start your REAL ID application online today at DMV online: Ready when you are!