By Philtrina Farquharson | Contributing Writer 

Slauson & Co., an LA-based early-stage venture capital firm, welcomed creators, investors, leaders, and tastemakers alike to experience the one-of-a-kind Kinsey Collection this past week at a private event in SoFi Stadium. The Kinsey Collection is the first-of-its-kind arts and culture initiative curated in the stadium.

To further amplify their mission of an equitable future, Slauson & Co. came together with The Kinsey Collection to highlight American history through the lens of art. “We must understand how we got to where we are today, and where to go from here,” said Brittany Crockett, Head of Platform at Slauson & Co. 

Ajay Relan (in photo) and Partner Austin Clements are Co-Founders for Slauson & Co. (Photo: Philtrina Farquharson)

Led by Austin Clements and Ajay Relan, Slauson & Co. works to provide equal access to entrepreneurs that are historically overlooked. Rooted in economic inclusion for all, their purpose is to provide the proper capital and resources required to create sustainable equity within diverse communities. 

“It is super cool to have a Black fund like Slauson & Co. host this event and to be in Inglewood, a very Black city at a very beautiful establishment and having amazing Black art. I think it is super powerful and I feel like it is the beginning of a Black renaissance,” said Kameale C. Terry, CEO of ChargerHelp!

A few attendees viewing The Kinsey Collection, which is the world’s largest private collection of African American art and historical facts that document the African American experience. (Photo: Philtrina Farquharson)

The Kinsey Collection is the world’s largest private collection of African American art and historical facts that document the African American experience. The collection includes art, sculptures, photographs, rare books, and letters from changemakers like Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X. These pieces illuminate the untold stories of Black excellence throughout U.S. history. 

The exhibition currently features more than 70 works of art collected over 50 years by Bernard and Shirley Kinsey, curated in collaboration with their son Khalil and historian Larry Earl. To elevate the movement, the Kinsey collection partnered with Inglewood-based Residence Art Gallery to launch a contemporary exhibit titled “Continuum” which is displayed along with the Kinsey collection at SoFi Stadium. 

“Continuum” focuses on work with over 20 artists from Inglewood and greater Los Angeles with the goal of community uplift, contextualizing individuals’ experiences and progression within the scope of history, and collective consciousness. Artists include Genevieve Gaignard, Patrick Martinez, Jaimie Milner, and Samuel Levi Jones to name a few. 

“It feels really heavy. I am feeling kind of emotional and I’m trying to really take the time to take in what the art is showing and what it is that we are doing as a people now compared to what they were doing back then, it is inspirational. “It feels really special to be here tonight,” said Mclaughlin Bynum, CEO of BLCK VC. 

The Kinsey Collection is brought to SoFi Stadium by the Kroenke Family Foundation, The Bernard and Shirley Kinsey Foundation for Arts and Education, and the Hollywood Park Foundation in partnership with JPMorgan Chase.

“I think being here tonight is a testament to Slauson & Co. and when we first met them, we realized they were different. They are actually about the culture and businesses they invested in,” said William Hayden, Co-founder of Bags, a Slauson & Co. backed company. 

Founder of ComplYant and LA native Shiloh Johnson (Photo: Philtrina Farquharson)

Slauson & Co. currently has a portfolio of close to 20 companies in major cities throughout the United States. Founder of ComplYant and LA native, Shiloh Johnson took to the stage to share her experience with Slauson & Co. as their first official company to be invested in. ComplYant is a digital business tax assistant that helps small businesses navigate business tax easier, cheaper, and faster. “I could not be more honored to be the investment choice. Support doesn’t even feel like the right word because it’s more than that working with Slauson & Co. I can talk to them about investment strategies and opportunities and so much more,” she said.   

Slauson & Co. and The Kinsey Collection merged art and tech, empowering the community to shift their perspectives and change the world for the better. 

The Kinsey Collection will be on display at SoFi Stadium until March 2023 and is open to the public for viewing. You can purchase tickets at

To learn more about Slauson & Co. and the next generation of inclusive businesses, you can visit

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