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Art Imitates Life

Hollywood is known for creating fantasies and false narratives, but the entertainment industry does keep it real sometimes, particularly in its efforts to help eliminate the stigma of mental illness. Mental health awareness for African Americans has found its way into popular TV programs with creators and showrunners including storylines that see main characters seeking therapy or having characters be mental health providers. Other shows feature therapy in other ways.

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Umoja’s Black History Month Celebration at BC Engages Students and Community Members

Bakersfield College’s Umoja Community Program started off Black History Month with an engaging, interactive conference presented by the Program’s Club. BC Umoja students were involved at every level of the planning and execution including serving as mistresses of ceremonies. More than 170 high school and BC students as well as community members, faculty, administration, and staff participated in the 6th annual event held at BC.

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“Celebrating Social Justice Movements on Occasion of Black History Month”

Emotions ran high as renowned black artist Deidre Hathor unveiled her deeply moving installation, a poignant tribute to the resilient ancestors who paved the path to our present moment. On the morning of February 3rd, a diverse gathering of artists and supporters from our community converged to immerse themselves in what Deidre described as a “multi-sensory experience that you can feel literally and figuratively.” Displayed were works ranging from towering tributes to community pillars like Muhammad Ali to intimate reflections on fellow artist Frida Kahlo, with many pieces still evolving, inviting active participation from all community members.

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