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Democrat’s Victory in New York Shrinks House Republican Majority as Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Move to Oust Speaker Johnson

Democratic State Senator Tim Kennedy clinched victory in the special election for New York’s 26th Congressional District, effectively reducing the House Republican majority to a mere one-seat margin. Kennedy’s win could prove pivotal in balancing power and intensifying party-line struggles within the chamber.

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25 million Black and Latino Voters are Missing or Incorrectly Listed in U.S. Voter Databases

An eye-opening report titled “Surfacing Missing Voters: Addressing Data Systems, Tools, and Engagement Models that Invisibilize Black and Brown Communities,” authored by Miriam McKinney Gray for the Democracy & Power Innovation Fund (DPI), has unveiled a concerning reality: Nearly 25 million Black and Latino eligible voters are effectively absent from voter databases, making them virtually unreachable by traditional outreach methods. 

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Black Press Week Galvanizes Advocacy, Celebrates Legacy, and Mobilizes Voters

In a stirring celebration of 197 years of unwavering advocacy, the National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA) convened for Black Press Week to celebrate the March 16, 1827, founding of Freedom’s Journal. This year’s observance, which featured the NNPA’s annual Board of Directors meeting and a visit to the White House, resonated with the theme “Getting Out the Black Vote.”

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DLCC Unveils Ambitious “Multi-Cycle” Strategy for Long-Term Democratic Dominance

The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (DLCC) on Monday, Feb. 26, revealed an expansive strategy memo, charting a multifaceted plan to venture into historically Republican strongholds and solidify Democratic power over the next decade. Departing from the typical focus on immediate elections, Democrats are now adopting a forward-thinking approach to counter the historical trend of losing gains in subsequent cycles.

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Trump Repeatedly Says ‘The Blacks’ in Shameless Exploitation of Legal Woes to Woo African American Voters

In a brazen display of political manipulation, former President Donald Trump took to the stage at the Black Conservative Federation Gala in South Carolina, using racially charged rhetoric and shamelessly attempting to forge a connection between his multiple criminal indictments and the historical struggles of Black Americans.

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2024 California Presidential Primary Election: A Look at the Black Candidates

The ballot for the 2024 California presidential primary election, set for March 5 — commonly called “Super Tuesday in political media speak — features leading presidential candidates President Joe Biden (D) and former President Donald Trump (R). Black candidates for President include President R. Boddie (D), Eban Cambridge (D), Jasmine Sherman (Peace and Freedom), and Cornel West (Peace and Freedom).

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