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Closing Education Gaps and Fostering Leadership: Willie J Frink College Prep Charter School Approved

In a bold and visionary step towards educational equity, the Kern County community is set to welcome a groundbreaking institution that aims to transform the educational landscape and bridge critical gaps in opportunities. The Willie J Frink College Prep Charter School, slated to open its doors in 2024, carries a distinct mission that sets it apart. With a focus on closing educational disparities and nurturing civic and entrepreneurial leadership, this charter school is poised to make a lasting impact on the lives of students in Bakersfield.

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Conservative Group Files Lawsuit Against Venture Capital Fund That Offers Help to Black Women-Owned Businesses

With the white sheets removed, the hoods now off, and the dog whistles as overt as they were during Jim Crow and the struggle for civil rights in the mid-20th century, a conservative group that spearheaded the Supreme Court’s overturning of affirmative action now has set its sights on Black women.

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“California Educators are the heart of our community. And why the California Teachers Association knows quality public schools make a better California for all of us.”