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Empowering Black Mothers and Building a Legacy of Health: The Black Infant Health Program

In Kern County, the Black Infant Health (BIH) program is a beacon of hope for pregnant and postpartum Black women, aiming to improve health outcomes for both mothers and babies. The program focuses exclusively on empowering Black/African American women who are 16 years or older and pregnant or up to six months postpartum at the time of enrollment.

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The Bakersfield (CA)Chapter of The Links, Incorporated… International Trends & Services (ITS) Facet Celebrates International Women’s Day (IWD)

IWD is a holiday celebrated annually on March 8th. The holiday focal point is the women’s rights movement. IWD provides insight into issues such as gender equality, reproductive rights, and violence abuse against women. The 2024 International Women’s Day theme is “Inspire Inclusion.” This year, the International Trends & Services Facet was honored to observe International Women’s Day with the Walter Stiern Middle School girls.

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2nd Annual Black Family Wellness Expo 

Both youth and adults reveled in a blend of vitality and happiness at the second annual Black Family Wellness Expo, hosted by the Bakersfield Chapter of The Links, Incorporated. The morning of March 16, 2024, marked a key proponent in the trajectory of the lives of all attendees, young and old alike, who gathered at Lowell Park, located at 800 4th St. This event epitomized the core values of The Links, Incorporated – services and educational research for our community.

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Ten Little-Known Facts About Harriet Tubman: Symbol of American Freedom and Womanhood

As time passes, the details of our great African American historical figures begin to feel more like legends than concrete facts. At the beginning of this Women’s History Month in 2024, and as March marks the 201st year since Harriet Tubman was presumably born, California Black Media (CBM) honors this monumental figure by sharing 10 little-known facts about her life.

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Dr. Joycelyn Elders’ Legacy: Vision for Sex Education Among Black Girls

My journey from a public health investigator to an advocate for comprehensive sex education has been deeply personal. Guided by my experiences at the Black AIDS Institute and as a Certified Health Education Specialist, my mission has been to create inclusive and honest conversations about health within Black communities. This Women’s History Month, I reflect on Dr. Joycelyn Elders’ legacy, a path that I strive to honor as we press forward in the fight for equitable health education, with a particular focus on Black girls.

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“Think Like An Engineer & Human Trafficking Awareness”

A surge of enthusiasm swept through the emerging young adults in our community following a compelling session at the STEAM Academy. On the morning of January 27, the vibrant cohort from the Links’ Leadership STEAM Academy convened at Emerson Middle School on 801 4th Street for their monthly gathering. The discussions ranged from empowering children of color with the opportunities to pursue their dreams through determined effort to shedding light on the harsh realities of human trafficking, a pressing issue in our society.

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Taraji P. Henson’s Candid Revelation Sparks Industry Support for Equal Pay

In a recent SiriusXM interview with Gayle King, iconic actress Taraji P. Henson bravely addressed the pervasive issue of pay inequality in Hollywood, triggering an outpouring of solidarity from her peers. The 53-year-old star, celebrated for her roles in “Empire” and “The Color Purple,” opened up about the substantial pay gap that Black women face in the entertainment industry.

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Black Woman Makes History, Graduates With Honors With Degree in Marine Engineering

Monica Nancy Candny, a 23-year-old woman from Ghana, has made history by graduating with top honors in Marine Engineering from the Regional Maritime University in Ghana. She celebrated her amazing achievement on her social media. In a heartfelt post on her LinkedIn feed, Monica expressed her relief at successfully navigating the challenges of her academic journey and extended gratitude to everyone who played a role in her success.

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Leading With Action, Love and Data Points: Six Questions for the California Black Women’s Collective

The California Black Women’s Collective (CABWC) is a sisterhood of influential women from different professional backgrounds who aim to uplift and address the issues impacting Black women and girls in all regions of the state. Relying on research, they approach problem solving with a range of expertise – from politics, business, and community advocacy to the arts, entertainment, social justice activism, and more.

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