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California Students to Receive Media Literacy Classes Under New Law

California has enacted a law mandating the inclusion of media literacy education in the K–12 curriculum, which state officials called a proactive approach to address the growing challenge of misinformation. The legislation, known as Bill No. 873, received approval from Gov. Gavin Newsom in October and is set to take effect in January 2024.

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Gender Disparities in High School Graduation Rates: Unearthing Root Causes and Seeking Solutions

In communities across America, the disparity in high school graduation rates between Black students and their counterparts of other racial backgrounds has long been a point of concern. Officials and activists have identified the deeply rooted issue of excessive student suspension as a significant contributing factor. The systemic problem not only hampers the immediate educational prospects of affected students but also casts a long shadow over their prospects as Black Americans.

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Mckinley Elementary Combats Low Attendance Rates With Walk To School Event

McKinley Elementary School students, parents, guardians, and teachers were welcomed to class by Bakersfield High School’s (BHS) cheer team and community volunteers. Friday was a Walk to School event that encouraged students to come to school while gaining community awareness regarding the lack of bus routes to take participating students to school like many other Bakersfield elementary schoolers utilize. 

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Closing Education Gaps and Fostering Leadership: Willie J Frink College Prep Charter School Approved

In a bold and visionary step towards educational equity, the Kern County community is set to welcome a groundbreaking institution that aims to transform the educational landscape and bridge critical gaps in opportunities. The Willie J Frink College Prep Charter School, slated to open its doors in 2024, carries a distinct mission that sets it apart. With a focus on closing educational disparities and nurturing civic and entrepreneurial leadership, this charter school is poised to make a lasting impact on the lives of students in Bakersfield.

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DC Voters Overwhelmingly Support Equal Funding for DCPS and Public Charter Schools

Nearly 8 of 10 voters (79%) believe that the Mayor and D.C. Council should include a raise in compensation for DCPS and public charter school educators in this year’s budget. The same percentage of voters (79%) believe that the D.C. Council should maintain the 3.1% charter facilities allowance increase so public charter schools can continue to make rent or mortgage payments, complete major renovations or modernizations, and pay for utilities, repairs, and maintenance.

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