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What Do Kindergarten Teachers Mean By “Ready for School?”

At this time of year, many preschool parents are worrying about whether their child will be ready for kindergarten. What are the things their child should learn? Do they need to make alphabet flash cards? Invest in worksheets so kids can practice math. I talked with kindergarten teachers to find out what they think kids need to know to be kindergarten-ready. You may be surprised: Readiness for school, teachers say, does not mean that your child will have mastered all the kindergarten skills on Day One. Instead, it means that your child will take pleasure in learning how to do things on their own.

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A Child’s First Three Years Hold the Power to Unlock Bright, Strong Futures

Babies’ brains grow rapidly during those earliest days, weeks, and months, forming 1 million neural connections every second. Understanding the significance of these early stages lies at the heart of ZERO TO THREE’s mission. As the premier organization that translates the science of early childhood into action, we recognize the profound impact these early experiences have on shaping the trajectory of a child’s life and our collective future.

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4 Films Every Educator Teaching Black Students Should Watch

Racial prejudice and bullying, a lack of funding, inadequate mental health support, and inexperienced teachers — those are just some of the challenges Black students face in America’s K-12 public schools. We see some of these issues show up on television on “Abbott Elementary,” but representations of Black students and schools are a mixed bag on the big screen. Some films — we’re looking at you, “Dangerous Minds” — dive right into the stereotype of the white savior teacher who rescues bad Black kids from their terrible neighborhoods and families.

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Calif. Officials Back Proposal That Would Require Financial Literacy Course for High Schoolers

California State Controller Malia Cohen and several other State officials — including Assemblymember Kevin McCarty (D-Sacramento) and State Superintendent for Public Instruction Tony Thurmond – are backing a ballot measure that will make California Students more financial literate.

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California Students to Receive Media Literacy Classes Under New Law

California has enacted a law mandating the inclusion of media literacy education in the K–12 curriculum, which state officials called a proactive approach to address the growing challenge of misinformation. The legislation, known as Bill No. 873, received approval from Gov. Gavin Newsom in October and is set to take effect in January 2024.

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Gender Disparities in High School Graduation Rates: Unearthing Root Causes and Seeking Solutions

In communities across America, the disparity in high school graduation rates between Black students and their counterparts of other racial backgrounds has long been a point of concern. Officials and activists have identified the deeply rooted issue of excessive student suspension as a significant contributing factor. The systemic problem not only hampers the immediate educational prospects of affected students but also casts a long shadow over their prospects as Black Americans.

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Mckinley Elementary Combats Low Attendance Rates With Walk To School Event

McKinley Elementary School students, parents, guardians, and teachers were welcomed to class by Bakersfield High School’s (BHS) cheer team and community volunteers. Friday was a Walk to School event that encouraged students to come to school while gaining community awareness regarding the lack of bus routes to take participating students to school like many other Bakersfield elementary schoolers utilize. 

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