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Improving Child Welfare to Help Kids Heal and Thrive in Early Education Years

As I recently walked the grounds of the U.S. Capitol, each step carried the weight of purpose and possibility. I was nervous about meeting with members of Congress, who hold the power to act on issues that affect my family and many others. I worried: What if I stumbled over my words? What if I failed to convey the sense of urgency and the depth of my passion for family reunification?

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AFL-CIO Report Exposes Deepening Racial Disparities in Workplace Safety

 The AFL-CIO, a coalition representing 12.5 million workers across various unions, has released its 33rd annual report, “Death on the Job: The Toll of Neglect,” uncovering troubling racial disparities in workplace safety. The report’s findings, based on the most recent data available, underscore the urgent need for policymakers, regulatory bodies, and employers to confront the disproportionate rates of fatalities, injuries, and illnesses faced by workers of color.

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Federal Government Providing Nearly $80 million to Combat Violent Crime in U.S.

U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland has announced a multifaceted strategy to bolster law enforcement and community-based initiatives to combat violent crime in America. Speaking at a conference for federal grantees in Chicago, Garland highlighted the need to double down on recent progress and stem the tide of violence gripping many American cities.

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Federal Aid Swiftly Released for Rebuilding Francis Scott Key Bridge After Tragic Collision

In a rapid response to the devastating collision between a cargo container ship and the Francis Scott Key Bridge on March 26, the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) announced the immediate release of $60 million in Emergency Relief (ER) funds to the Maryland Department of Transportation.

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Baltimore Bridge Catastrophe: A City’s Heartbreak and a Nation’s Alarm

In one of the ultimate nightmares, the Francis Scott Key Bridge, an iconic lifeline for Baltimore’s bustling metropolis, was ripped apart in a thunderous clash with a colossal container ship, unleashing chaos in and around Charm City and tragedy for at least seven families. The once-sturdy structure crumbled like paper beneath the vessel’s onslaught, sending vehicles plummeting into the icy depths of the Patapsco River below around 1:30 a.m. EST.

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Trucking Company Owner Jason Burroughs Uses Mentorship to Help Many

Burroughs owns C & B (Carrier and Brokered) Transportation Systems, a flatbed trucking company that he started in 2020 and has since secured contracts with billion-dollar companies and become the single supplier for diversity, equity, and inclusion for pipe and valve manufacturing company, Consolidated Pipe and Supply, Inc. (CPS Inc.)

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