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Federal Government Providing Nearly $80 million to Combat Violent Crime in U.S.

U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland has announced a multifaceted strategy to bolster law enforcement and community-based initiatives to combat violent crime in America. Speaking at a conference for federal grantees in Chicago, Garland highlighted the need to double down on recent progress and stem the tide of violence gripping many American cities.

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Trump Doubles Down on Racist Remarks, Advocates for White Immigration Only

Former President Donald Trump has reignited controversy with inflammatory remarks suggesting a preference for immigrants from predominantly white nations while denigrating those from Latin America, and primarily Black nations. At a private event, Trump reportedly joked about welcoming immigrants from “nice” countries like Denmark, Switzerland, and Norway, again demonstrating his racial bias in immigration policy.

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President Biden Unveils Sweeping Student Loan Relief Plans, Targeting Racial Disparities

President Joe Biden has announced comprehensive plans to provide substantial relief to borrowers, particularly those from marginalized communities disproportionately burdened by debt. The proposed measures, announced on Monday, April 8, would represent a significant step towards making higher education more accessible and equitable for millions of Americans.

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DC Mayor’s Fiscal Plan Raises Eyebrows Over Potential Harm to Black and Minority Youth

Mayor Muriel Bowser’s proposed budget and legislative initiatives could have significant implications for Black and minority residents, particularly Washington, D.C. youth. Some opine that it’s hurtful that an African American mayor in a District once heralded as “Chocolate City,” would launch such initiatives. Here’s a look at how these measures might affect them, along with potential solutions.

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Millions Across North America Awed by Total Solar Eclipse Phenomenon

The eagerly anticipated celestial spectacle of a total solar eclipse finally descended upon North America after a seven-year hiatus, captivating millions of skywatchers on Monday. With its grand entrance at the Mexican beachside resort town of Mazatlan, the eclipse marked the beginning of a mesmerizing journey along the “path of totality,” stretching across various regions of the continent.

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Solutions for Sandbranch & Deconstructing Environmental Racism

Last year, DW reported on the ongoing fight for clean water in Sandbranch. As the issue has been repeatedly dismissed or forgotten by both current District 3 County Commissioner John Wylie Price and Texan politicians at large, political newcomer and candidate Derek Avery is taking part in a new charge to secure funding for infrastructure for the historic freedman’s town. Likened to other Black communities across the country like Flint and Jackson, Sandbranch’s story is one of environmental racism in Dallas County.

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Ramona Edelin, Influential Activist and Education Advocate, Dies at 78

 Once upon a time, Black Americans were simply known as colored people, or Negroes. That is until Ramona Edelin came along. The activist, renowned for her pivotal roles in advancing civil rights, education reform, and community empowerment, died at her D.C. residence last month at the age of 78. Her death, finally confirmed this week by Barnaby Towns, a communications strategist who collaborated with Dr. Edelin, was attributed to cancer.

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A Look Inside Dallas’s Proposed $1.25 Billion Bond Has the City Wondering, ‘Where is the Money, LaShondra?’

These Dallas streets have become notorious. But not for the summer day parties, life-threatening Deep Ellum nights or the random sighting of a front-facing scooter bike “gang” (because can it really be a gang if everyone’s knees are in front of them?). Instead, Dallas streets have become notorious for their condition, namely the countless gaping holes developed from sitting water, wear and tear and what we can only hope is the occasional trail ride function that has gone all the right ways.

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Federal Aid Swiftly Released for Rebuilding Francis Scott Key Bridge After Tragic Collision

In a rapid response to the devastating collision between a cargo container ship and the Francis Scott Key Bridge on March 26, the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) announced the immediate release of $60 million in Emergency Relief (ER) funds to the Maryland Department of Transportation.

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Baltimore Bridge Catastrophe: A City’s Heartbreak and a Nation’s Alarm

In one of the ultimate nightmares, the Francis Scott Key Bridge, an iconic lifeline for Baltimore’s bustling metropolis, was ripped apart in a thunderous clash with a colossal container ship, unleashing chaos in and around Charm City and tragedy for at least seven families. The once-sturdy structure crumbled like paper beneath the vessel’s onslaught, sending vehicles plummeting into the icy depths of the Patapsco River below around 1:30 a.m. EST.

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