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Historic Confirmation of Gen. Charles “CQ” Brown Jr. Overcomes Blockade, Signals Milestone for Representation

With a rare display of bipartisan support in the Senate on Wednesday night, Air Force Gen. Charles “CQ” Brown Jr. overcame a protracted obstruction by Alabama Republican Senator Tommy Tuberville to win confirmation as only the second Black chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the highest-ranking military position in the United States.

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Book Censorship on the Rise in U.S. Libraries, ALA Reports a 20% Increase in Challenges in 2023

The assault on Black history and that of other minority groups in the U.S. have ramped up with the recent banning of books. The American Library Association’s Office for Intellectual Freedom (OIF) has released alarming preliminary data indicating a significant surge in attempts to censor books, materials, and services across public, school, and academic libraries in the United States during the first eight months of 2023.

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Biden-Harris Administration Launches White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention to Tackle Epidemic

Gun violence remains a pressing concern for the United States, with over 500 mass shootings and a reported estimate of 25,000 victims in 2023 alone. In response, the Biden-Harris administration has announced a significant step forward in curbing this crisis. President Biden has introduced the inaugural White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention, dedicated to implementing crucial executive and legislative measures to save lives and heal communities.

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House GOP Tensions Escalate as Government Shutdown Looms: Minority Leader Jeffries Calls it a ‘Civil War’

Amidst the looming threat of a government shutdown as funding expiration at the end of the month draws ever closer, House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries, a Democrat from New York, has characterized the Republican Party as being “in the middle of a civil war.” The statement comes as both major parties engage in heated negotiations to reach an agreement to prevent the shutdown.

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Washington Bracing for Federal Government Shutdown

As Congress reconvened after their routine summer break, there was nothing to suggest what many Washington insiders and pundits have believed all along: a federal government shutdown will happen. “The questions flying around the Capitol come in two categories. Top of mind are the logistical ones: When will the government shut down? And for how long?” Philip Elliott wrote for TIME.
The critical issue is the passage of a short-term spending bill to stave off the looming government shutdown scheduled for October 1. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, caught in the crossfire of a political maelstrom, finds himself in a most precarious position. According to CNN, during a recent private conference call, the Speaker urged his colleagues to support a short-term spending deal to avert an impending shutdown. He proposed postponing the larger funding fight until later in the fall, a strategy that some view as prudent to ensure the government continues to function.

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Federal Judge Orders Immediate Relocation of Children from Abusive Confinement at Angola Prison

Chief Judge Shelly Dick has ordered Louisiana officials to cease housing children, predominantly Black boys, in the former death row section of the Louisiana State Penitentiary, commonly referred to as Angola. The order dictates the swift removal of the children from the facility by September 15, ending nearly ten months of what the judge deemed abusive conditions.

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NNPA President Launches Daily Radio Commentary Show in Partnership with USBC Radio Network

Inside the hallowed halls of the Audacy Studios at the heart of New York’s financial district, National Newspaper Publishers Association President and CEO Dr. Benjamin F. Chavis Jr., a noted Civil Rights Icon, co-founder of the Hip-Hop Summit, and National Director of The Million Man March, formally announced the launch of a new daily radio commentary set to hit the airwaves this fall.

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New COVID-19 Variant, “Pirola,” Raises Concerns Amidst Ongoing Crises

Amidst a news cycle that now routinely features wildfires, former president indictments, and extreme weather events, the world is grappling with the resurgence of COVID-19 as a new and concerning variant, BA.2.86, emerges. This variant, informally dubbed “Pirola,” has ignited alarm among public health experts due to its substantial spike protein mutations.

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Heroic Intervention Thwarts Potential Tragedy: Gunman Foiled in Attempt to Target Ambridge Black Church

In the small Ambridge, Pa., community, a quick-thinking witness and swift police response prevented a potential massacre at Greater Dominion Church on Sunday morning, Aug. 27. Jeffrey Harris, a 38-year-old white man, now faces a litany of charges, including aggravated assault and making terroristic threats, after attempting to enter the predominantly Black church with murderous intent.

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