Museum of African American Art Celebrates Arts & Culture Along K Line

The Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza was buzzing with exciting energy on Saturday, December 9, 2023.

Nikki Blak, féi Hernandez, Cynthia Guardado, Kamau Daáood, Rhys Langston, Malaika Jules and Il Camille, (Photo by Ricky Richardson)

By Ricky Richardson | Contributing Sports Writer

        (Los Angeles, CA)- The Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza was buzzing with exciting energy on Saturday, December 9, 2023.

        Metro Art and poets Nikki Blak, Cynthia Guardado, Ill Camille, Kamau Daáood, Malaika Jules and Rhys Langston were in attendance for an afternoon of spoken word and art about the neighborhoods along the K Line with the We Are Here: Poetry Along the L. Artists féi Hernandez emceed the program. 

        The free poetry event was held at The Museum of African American art, at 2pm and complemented the exhibition Here: Arts & Culture Along the K, featuring artwork along the K-Line. The museum is located steps from the K Line. The exhibition is on view through February 25.

        Nikki Blak read the poem “Girl is a Verb”, followed by Cynthia Guardado reciting her tow poems “95th and Hindry,” and “Inglewood: No Love Story in the U.S. Without Pain.” The program continued with Ill Camille “To & Fro,” and Spider’s Jam,” Kamau Daáood- “Damage,” “This Place We Make is Sacred” and “Poem in Invisible Ink,” Malaika Jules with “40 Bus Meditation” and “Inglewood Symphony.” The program concluded with several poems by Rhys Langston “Explicit Geography,” and “Gate to Our Community.”

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Museum Hours: Wed-Sun, 11AM-5PM

        The Here exhibition honors what has been, what is present and what is possible in neighborhoods near the K Line.

        Along with the exhibition, a companion publication celebrates arts and culture along the K Line through Metro Art commissions and collaborations. The publication is available free at the museum, while supplies last. Some of the poets in the December 9 event are also featured in the book.

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