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Disparities in Air Quality Exposure Highlighted in American Lung Association’s State of the Air Report

The American Lung Association’s 25th annual “State of the Air” report has revealed significant disparities in air quality across the United States, with people of color, low-income communities, children, older adults, and individuals with underlying health conditions disproportionately affected.

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Racial Bias Uncovered in Kidney Transplantation System: Thousands of Black Patients Prioritized After Years of Waiting

Five years ago, Arlette Ebanks experienced severe kidney pain that she believed suggested a criminal need for a transplant. Her doctors disagreed, but the 52-year-old Northeast, D.C., resident, and mother of two who worked for the Department of Transportation for more than half of her life until her deteriorating health landed her on permanent disability, had grown ever more anxious as health care providers attempted various measures of maintenance.

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2nd Annual Black Family Wellness Expo 

Both youth and adults reveled in a blend of vitality and happiness at the second annual Black Family Wellness Expo, hosted by the Bakersfield Chapter of The Links, Incorporated. The morning of March 16, 2024, marked a key proponent in the trajectory of the lives of all attendees, young and old alike, who gathered at Lowell Park, located at 800 4th St. This event epitomized the core values of The Links, Incorporated – services and educational research for our community.

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Historic Obesity Bill of Rights Unveiled Amidst Surging Obesity Rates Nationwide

In response to a relentless surge in obesity rates nationwide, a powerful alliance of leading consumer advocates, aging experts, and public health groups have introduced the groundbreaking Obesity Bill of Rights for Americans. The initiative, with the National Consumers League (NCL) and the National Council on Aging (NCOA) at its forefront, aims to transform obesity care by enacting significant changes in federal, state, and employer policies.

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Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s Hospitalization Reignites Controversy Over Transparency Amid Health Concerns

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin found himself back in the spotlight as he was urgently admitted to an emergency hospital on Sunday afternoon for symptoms related to a bladder issue, just weeks after his previous hospitalization. The 70-year-old cabinet official’s decision to withhold information from the White House about his earlier health episode has triggered a renewed wave of criticism and scrutiny.

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Health, Education, Reparations and Budget Deficit Among Top Black Caucus Priorities for 2024

Closing out their 2023 activities and previewing what they intend to focus on this year, members of the California Legislative Black Caucus (CLBC) met with Black news media outlets from different parts of the state. During the meeting, held late last month, the lawmakers shared some of their top priorities for the 2024 legislative session, which began Jan. 3.

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