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Trucking Company Owner Jason Burroughs Uses Mentorship to Help Many

Burroughs owns C & B (Carrier and Brokered) Transportation Systems, a flatbed trucking company that he started in 2020 and has since secured contracts with billion-dollar companies and become the single supplier for diversity, equity, and inclusion for pipe and valve manufacturing company, Consolidated Pipe and Supply, Inc. (CPS Inc.)

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Black Woman Makes History, Graduates With Honors With Degree in Marine Engineering

Monica Nancy Candny, a 23-year-old woman from Ghana, has made history by graduating with top honors in Marine Engineering from the Regional Maritime University in Ghana. She celebrated her amazing achievement on her social media. In a heartfelt post on her LinkedIn feed, Monica expressed her relief at successfully navigating the challenges of her academic journey and extended gratitude to everyone who played a role in her success.

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Black Twin Brothers to Walk 600 Miles for Foster Care Awareness

Twin brothers Davon and Tavon Woods from Pennsylvania, who were adopted at the age of two, are embarking on a 600-mile walk from Sumter to Philadelphia for 31 days to raise awareness about foster care. With their movement called #FosterKidsMatter, they are stepping up for a cause close to their hearts.

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Soul Saving Productions: A Beacon of Hope for LA’s Unhoused and Addicted Population

In the heart of the sprawling city, where glitz and glamour often steal the spotlight, a dedicated soul by the name of James Junious is working tirelessly to make a difference in the lives of those who have fallen through the cracks of society. Founder, and Executive Director of Soul Saving Productions, he is on a mission to transform the lives of the unhoused and addicted population in LA.

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A Painful and Still-Present Memory: Honoring the Lives of Holocaust Victims

For some, it may be hard to imagine barely escaping alive from one of the biggest mass genocides in world history, or hearing stories about family members who were the victims of a catastrophe of that magnitude. But for Jewish Americans living in California that scenario is a painful and present truth that they live with, respectfully acknowledging and memorializing it every year.

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“California Educators are the heart of our community. And why the California Teachers Association knows quality public schools make a better California for all of us.”