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Persistent Threat: Two Years After Buffalo Massacre, Hate Crimes Targeting Black Community Show No Signs of Abating

As the nation commemorates the second anniversary of the heinous Buffalo mass shooting that claimed the lives of 10 Black individuals at a Tops supermarket, a painful reality emerges: hate crimes against Black communities continue unabated, casting a long shadow over efforts for justice and equality.

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A Win for Black Entrepreneurship: Is the New FTC Ban Good for Black Businesses?

In what has since created shockwaves across the nation, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) voted 3-2 for banning noncompete agreements, which goes into effect 120 days after the rule is officially published in the Federal Register. This decision will undoubtedly have significant impact on both employers and employees alike, but what about black entrepreneurs?  

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A Child’s First Three Years Hold the Power to Unlock Bright, Strong Futures

Babies’ brains grow rapidly during those earliest days, weeks, and months, forming 1 million neural connections every second. Understanding the significance of these early stages lies at the heart of ZERO TO THREE’s mission. As the premier organization that translates the science of early childhood into action, we recognize the profound impact these early experiences have on shaping the trajectory of a child’s life and our collective future.

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Racial Bias Uncovered in Kidney Transplantation System: Thousands of Black Patients Prioritized After Years of Waiting

Five years ago, Arlette Ebanks experienced severe kidney pain that she believed suggested a criminal need for a transplant. Her doctors disagreed, but the 52-year-old Northeast, D.C., resident, and mother of two who worked for the Department of Transportation for more than half of her life until her deteriorating health landed her on permanent disability, had grown ever more anxious as health care providers attempted various measures of maintenance.

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Empowering Black Mothers and Building a Legacy of Health: The Black Infant Health Program

In Kern County, the Black Infant Health (BIH) program is a beacon of hope for pregnant and postpartum Black women, aiming to improve health outcomes for both mothers and babies. The program focuses exclusively on empowering Black/African American women who are 16 years or older and pregnant or up to six months postpartum at the time of enrollment.

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Title Insurance Helps Homeownership for Black Americans and Others  

Often misunderstood, title insurance is a product that comprehensively protects homeowners’ property rights and their lenders’ financial interest in a property. It is vastly different than other types of insurance because it is a one-time fee and title professionals do the majority of the work upfront to both examine title issues and rectify any problems found. That is why many homeowners thankfully don’t experience the challenge of a claim that threatens their homeownership – but if they do, title insurance is paramount to protecting their biggest investment. 

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