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CDC Recommends All Adults Get Tested for Hepatitis B

The U.S. Centers for Control and Prevention have issued a new recommendation urging all adults to receive screening for hepatitis B at least once in their lifetime. The agency describes hepatitis B (HBV) as a liver infection caused by the HBV virus. It can progress to liver cancer and other serious illnesses. CDC officials said as many as 2.4 million people live with HBV, and most might not know they have it.

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Ray Charles: “A Sound of His Own” Comes to Fixin’s

Blacked Owned businesses means so much more than just being “black owned”. It’s about the vision, the goal and the inspiration behind the business that makes it so special. Taking away status and fame, what is left is just creating a great product that anyone can enjoy. Fixins is all about finding new innovative ways to bring the community together. Collaborating with the Ray Charles Foundation is just one of many opportunities that pinpoints history, legacy, honor and revolutionary pioneers that have paved the way to where we are now.

“California Educators are the heart of our community. And why the California Teachers Association knows quality public schools make a better California for all of us.”